Marsha’s Amazing Husband


Thank you Marsha for sharing your story of your amazing Husband and Father so we can honor him for Father's Day:

My husband was an awesome support person. When I first was diagnosed he went out and bought me the CD I'm going to love you through it. And that's exactly what he did. He was at every chemo every surgery right by my side. He watched me lose part of me my breast and my hair which was very devastating to me. I truly felt like I was no longer a woman especially a woman a man would want. He made sure that I knew that was not true. He would tell me I was beautiful even though I know I was not. We have been married over 28 years and I was diagnosed four years ago with Stage 3C breast cancer . He not only took care of me but he also helped make sure my 4 children (3 of the 4 were still in high school) would get where and when they needed to be.He would always be there to help me day or night to get me what I needed. He is my best friend and my husband.

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