Mother Daughter Love


The Mother Daughter love continues as we honor Melinda and her mom for Mother's Day. Thank you Melinda for sharing your inspiring story about you and your Mother during this special week.

Cancer has always been part of my life. Just kind of lurking in the background. When I was 12 my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer, she was 38 and the first of my family to deal with it so it was pretty shocking. She never wanted us to know how difficult it was for her to go through everything. I have a very vivid memory of sitting at the kitchen table and seeing her put her hands through her hair and having clumps come out and watching her cry. This memory has stuck with me forever. I tried to be there for her when I could but I was 12 and still don’t know how much I helped. The chemo and radiation completely zapped her strength. I have no idea how she went through that and still was our Mom and a wife through it all! Because she did a pretty great job at it all.

Even though we knew I had the BRCA1 gene it was still shocking for both of us I when I was diagnosed with cancer at 25. I think my Mom felt guilty for it but that never crossed my mind. I was single, living alone and trying to support myself at the time. My mom went to almost every single appointment with me – her and her notebook! She kept track of everything for me so I could concentrate on working to keep my insurance. I had a lot of complications and she spent so much time at my apartment trying to take care of me, or by my side in the hospital. I honestly have no idea what I would have done without her during that time.

Living on my own during this time was difficult and PRG was not around 9 years ago but it would have made such a difference to me! Having healthy meals and transportation would have been amazing – there was a period of time I was not allowed to drive and my mom lived 45 minutes away. PRG would have made the struggle so much easier and I’m so glad it exists for women in this area now!


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